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LBS Hygiene

In Asia, there is no other company in the market that offering a wide range of products and services that LBS Hygiene does. The services include Integrated Pest Control Management, Restroom Hygiene Service and Sani‐Mist Germicidal Treatment.

LBS Hygiene Services

Having different kinds of services to fulfil any industries’ needs, especially Integrated Pest Control Management and Restroom Hygiene Service that we are outstanding among the market.

LBS Hygiene Products

Our Products include Restroom Sanitary Products and Paper Products which satisfy all your needs.

Customer Feedback

Hangzhou - 御牛道
Xi'an - 九田家黑牛烤肉
Chongqing - 東籬閒館
Zhuhai - Xin Garden
Nanning - 甘家界檸檬鴨
Foshan - GT牛扒·創意西廚
Zhongshan - 九碼頭重慶毛肚火鍋
Jiangmen - Four Seasons Fishing Song
Taipei - Villa.like
Chengdu - Jiyu Tahi Hot Pot
Shenzhen - 潤園四季椰子雞
Nanjing - 秀愛爾蘭餐吧
Guangzhou - 娛筷公館
Hong Kong - Peninsula Cuisine